Thursday, 11 September 2008

Migrating jME version from 1.0 to 2.0

A long pending aspiration of mine has come to fulfillment! JClassicRPG's full sourcecode and dependency have been converted / changed to JMonkeyEngine 2.0 by me. :) JME 2.0 is called alpha but it is as stable as it should be by the overall experiment of the community. It also uses the new major version of lwjgl (2.0), which is also containing major improvements.

The conversion is mostly about using Enumerations instead of static int constants, removing multiplicity of the buffers of TriMeshes, removing the now non-existent TriangleBatch class usage, convert AlphaState to BlendState, use some new classes like Texture2D instead of the now abstract Texture class.

It wasn't too hard to migrate because in the end it turned out to be not such a hard thing to migrate the opensource md5reader2 library as well. It's a separate library which jcrpg depends on created by other nice jme people at jme forums, but who seems to be a bit away, so me had to do the conversion of it. You can grab the modified jme 2.0 version of it at the forums here.

You can get the whole new jcrpg with jme 2.0 compatible source code from SVN.


theotherhiveking said...

Epic win.

Paul said...

Yeha, this and the other achievements serve well the future of jcrpg ;D