Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Zphr's new town models, texture splatting in SVN

Check the screenshot, it tells the story! :) Soon, I'll add more parts of the already complete town model set done by Zphr. Texture blended with alphamasks is working now. So the town, steep mountain sides and climate edges look way cooler now. :)


bri (dragonbait) said...

It's really looking good! Nice work. Looking forward to the next release.

Anonymous said...

The game *looks* pretty nice. It is, unfortunately, almost completely unplayable, and shows no indication that it will be playable in the future.

The developers should concentrate on making the engine at least remotely workable before they worry too much about "per tile normals" and occlusion.

I will be extremely surprised if this engine ever becomes a game.

Paul said...

Hello, anonymous!

What's your actual problem?

We can run the game, play it without major issues for longer times as well. Please share some details here or better at the forum!