Friday, 25 July 2008

Tiling on a next level - smoother slopes

No, not releasing yet. It will take some more time because after discussing the tile based ground thing with Zphr who were in big favor of some better non-45 degree ground gen, I've found a quite goodly fitting way to add smoother slopes to the game - using jme's TerrainBlocks on a per tile basis and adding some additional 'cornerHeights' to the geo generated Cube class I could reach something like a thing seen in Transport Tycoons' tiled ground - quads with an angle. Check the screenshots. Some more tailoring will be needed before it's completely usable (trees, grass and such, plus override for economics), but I think it worths the time! :) We have been discussing this every now and then since the addition of 45 degree slopes, but now finally I could find the way that fits the classic cube based architecture of jcrpg! I'm quite happy about this fact...


Anonymous said...

Looking fantastic! You guys are working at breakneck speed, it's totally mad.

I was thinking about what kind of story and dungeons could be done, but it looks like you'll be finished with the engine before I have any ideas :)

Paul said...

Hello Ramon!

Nice to see you around - I hope there'll be some place for creative people like you to join the effort soon! :)