Saturday, 12 July 2008

90% ready Skill Act Form architecture - skill/spell tree to design!

Well, the good thing is a really big part of the Skill Act Form system (at least for Turn act phase) is quite ready! This means that we have:

  • basic impact form to decrease or increase all kind of points with the given act form - so you can create normal spells or combat attack forms that decrease stamina or health etc.
  • weapons / ammunitions with BonusSkillActForms for spell and such effects - for creating artifacts (of course with attribute/resistance bonus modifiers too if you want that)
  • armors body part dependent, that can also contain bonus Resistances/Attributes for enchantment
  • State effects - so you can create long time effects for spells like sleep, poison, an elemental shield, long term burning spells etc.
  • act forms can specify contra attributes/resistances that help the attacked resist them
  • usable objects with bonus act forms - to create potions, kits etc. even with long term effects (with the help of the new State effects)
So basically it's time to create the different State Effects (like I've already added Sleep, ElementalResistance, PhysicalResistance), the system of spells and combat forms, a long list of artifacts, armors, potions and the like. Nice, isn't it? And the prettiest thing is - this all works well with the combat system - although AI is lacking a refined choice algorithm yet, it will bash you with the most powerful skill it has at hand. :D (Not that it won't prove efficient - you can easily die! ;-) ) But that AI decision mechanism too will change soon!

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