Friday, 16 May 2008

New term: Economic Update Turn

Walking around and around the problem of economic updating after trying different approaches in theory the final method has been born. It's called Economic Update Turn. It happens every X turns (let's say it will be happening daily in a stable version), and if a given population zone's inhabitant number has changed so much (or such an update-triggering event occurres) it recalculates a whole population infrastructure regenerating the population's physical form. (Different size levels are generated in a way that the structure of the previous size feels consistent with the new town structure.) Dynamic districts like in a "building your city" strategy game. The population's structure calculus is depending on extension of the class AbstractInfrastructure. The "reconstruction" turn means a total reload of the player 3D surroundings, a little tool icon showing that there's an economy update turn going on. Upon finishing, the player's position is recalculated to make sure that the player is still on the surface of the world. :) (This and the structure calculus algorithm will need further design, but the current svn will do as a first version.)

Little news is that external steps are also added to the economic grounds (e.g. street). Next turn a bit of EntityInstance relation coding comes.

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