Sunday, 25 May 2008

Abstract Inventory, Objects and Object dependent Skills

These are the things for today: Inventory, objects, weapons, inventory dependent skills and skill dependent objects -- some weapons with some basic parameters (attack modifier, defense modifier, damage, speed) were created. Objects can specify "use skills" and level of that skill so only those can use them that have those qualities.

I've appended Object selection to the Turn Act phase window too, so that you can select in every turn what object you want to use with an object dependent skill. Also only those object dependent skills show up in the skill select for which the person have a usable object in inventory.

Important thing is, that I've decided to leave out the "equipping round" for weapons. You don't have to equip weapons to your characters before using it in a round, you can use them anytime you want. (It's more convenient and less frustrating), yet don't forget your enemies neither have to make an equip round for changing weapon! :) The Wizardry series had this equip round which finally I've decided to leave out of jcrpg.

Now we'll need an Inventory window too along with a character data sheet... I hope to get to implementing those soon(er or later).

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