Saturday, 24 May 2008

Full set of Encounter windows prototyped

Nearing the first birthday of the Java Classic RPG project the drive to get to a prototype version is stronger than ever and seemingly it is more possible than ever too. The lot work put into different core aspects of the game engine under the hood, it is beginning to bring its first fruits on the UI part too as it is dragging the interface design too with its substance layn down already. Day by day we are getting nearer to a coherent game logic concept and creating/designing/programming the UI for the player's party gives a lot boost to the planning of it. So I'm trying to keep the documents up to date, game logic and architecture google docs received a bit more of input nowadays too.

I'm really happy to tell you that the different encounter phases (Interception, Encounter and Turn Act phases) have gotten a complete set of "first version" prototype windows in the game. Input fields are filled up now, so you can try out with SVN version how an encounter will look in jcrpg. So we are heading with full steam towards the first real combat / social rivalry situation ever in the history of this project... :-)

As much as time leaves will be put into the game till the first anniversary day (this 31 may), and a birthday release will be rolled out! Keep up reading, commenting and such and don't forget: you can still be the first one to donate some bucks here! ;-)

P.S.: I've forgotten to mention that we are in great need for 3D mythic monster models. This will help a lot to get close to the end of the roadmap for version 0.1 of jcrpg which road is currently tread upon.

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