Saturday, 10 May 2008

jMonkeyEngine at JavaOne 2008 - and a bit of jcrpg too

JMonkeyEngine's great staff has again visited JavaOne conference in 2008 too. They've created several interesting videos. One of them showing different projects using jME. I'm happy that jcrpg was given the possibility to show itself in some of the demo video's scenes! You can check the video with some jcrpg here. :) It includes several other projects demo video cut into one, so it's worthy to check out what the awesome jME is capable of! Thank you jME!
PS.: Here's the javablog post about the day jME was presented (scroll down to jMonkeyEngine part if interested, jcrpg is linked too although as "the Java Role Playing Framework" which is not correct :) ).

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