Sunday, 17 April 2011

RSS forum feeds added. Working on ecology AI.

Global RSS feed and individual ones are now served on forum by Smartfeed phpbb module. Works great so far. Global URL if you want to subcribe in your Reader app: link. READ edit2 part for the really good ATOM/RSS feed choice down below. :)
Continuously working on AI. A test suite is now working, in console mode, spitting out turn by turn, entity by entity what's going on in their decision making. Soon to add more, like a quick combat/impact scenario tool for them, appending of history. Entities can now hold information in their 'container' which are past HistoricalEvents or future Plans. (All these are yet placeholder classes to be filled with real content on the long.) Additional Behavior types were added a bit like those that Civilization I of Sid Meiers had, so these traits can have an effect on how different races/populations act in the turns. So... it's under construction... :)
EDIT: indivudual forum/topic RSS feeds doesn't work yet, I'd need to tweak the CSS/style files more as it turned out.Sorry! Global RSS is working well, so use that for now. Thanks! :)

EDIT2: Oh, just found out that phpBB3.0.7+ has ATOM feed by default. *FACEPALM* Anyway, I've enabled it, and now you can subscribe to virtually any part and subpart of the forum, and to New topics too as a separate feed. phpBB coolnes, kudos! Global phpbb based feed: link

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