Tuesday, 19 April 2011

AI getting care, which is planned to result in dialogs

New things are getting into place, EntityInstances (group of beings) are being beefed up with decision making (based on behavior and additional relation data plus informations later) and quick battle calculus is being created to let things happen in the world/history generation phase and later. A lot of placeholder TODO's are placed, which means it's a much wider task than that I'm currently wanting to implement. I'd like to get to the first test of history flows and AI decision flows as soon as I can, leaving the less crucial (but important) parts for later.
After this first part will get it's first iteration of development finished, next stuff will be to add a capability to beings to flush out information streams to other beings (like the player) based on their relationship level. That stream of information tokens will be converted into meaningful dialog by a layer of 'info types to nice text' engine that needs to be created. Also player should be a source of information stream too, of those information that the player gets hold of while communicating beforehand. So you might be kind of resolving gameplay things by sharing information you got. Most probably player shouldn't be able to resolve a communication without the proper informations in the party's 'information container'. So the choices for dialog will depend on both sides' possesed information tokens and relation ship levels.
At least now we have a plan and some of the codes are already being forged. :)

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