Saturday, 30 April 2011

PlanExecutionHelper, Plan types

Yeah, these two are now under development. Some Plan types were invented, so different events and behavior based impulses of the entities can use those types:
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_EXPLORATION = 0;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_SPYING = 1;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_PEACE_MISSION = 2;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_ENCOUNTER_TRADE_AND_INFO = 3;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_PLUNDER_EASY_PREY = 4;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_MASSIVE_ATTACK = 5;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_SIEGE_POPULATION = 6;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_KILL_PMI = 7;
public static final byte PLAN_TYPE_PACIFY_PMI* = 8;
(*PMI = PersistentMemberInstance aka "Non-Playing-Character")
These will have different Executor implementations used by the PlanExecutionHelper. The helper class is also mapping available units of the entity for the tasks based on priority of the plans and the power level of the units. So these plans gonna be in the InformationContainer of the entities serving as incentive and source of information towards other entities like the player.

I imagine that the EntityInstances (large groups of similar beings) will by default have some Plans like exploration/encounter/plunder easy pray based on their set of Behaviors specified for their 'race' in the HumanoidEntityDescription of the EntityInstance. Those plans will lead to meeting with other Entities and thus relations will start to change leading into alliances and massive attacks/sieges etc.

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