Friday, 20 February 2009

Intel video driver 3D issues under Linux

Currently I'm busy with resolving the recently detected Intel openGL + Linux related issues of jClassicRPG. I'm progressing well, I could identify a way to prevent instant and notorious crashes with xf86-video-intel driver under jME. Also I've detected that DDS support is a missing feature in the driver, so I'll have to add alternative textures for the ones in DDS format and add some tricky resource locator configuration to override them when DISABLE_DDS is specified in the configuration file. I'm happy that now I'm able to test the game with Intel driver as well, though performance of the GM965 is quite mediocre compared to those of the Nvidia GF6200Go (of course it's not a surprise, these video chips are known to be less performant 3D wise).
PS: patching the jME TextureKey and TextureManager to fall back to png/jpg if DDS is disabled, and adding fallback textures as well, I've finally brought up the project to shape with intel graphics...though it still is a lot more unstable than on any card of the two other major brand of video cards - probably due to the overload of 3D and driver problems?!

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