Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Functional unlock UI + trap damage calculation, voice profile, contribs

The unlock UI now is fully functional calling skill checks and damage calculation, and if successful inspection and unlocking is done the salvaging can be done with the additional looting window. I'm still working on the effect playback for the sprung trap. I've cut out the damage impact calculus of combat to a commonly usable method in EvaluatorBase. The visual/audio effect playback and text log messages has been also cut out for common use in EncounterLogic class. It's mostly working well, you can see and hear damage being done on your characters.

Meanwhile tidbit has created another unique monster for the mazes (not yet integrated, but that will happen soon). It has wings, no arms, and deadly tail attack as well. Another contribution was done by Magnulus, a starting voice actor from UK - he created a set of humanoid character sounds (combat, heal, greeting and such), which is already integrated into the game. This made me to add the voice profile selection to character creation, another pending feature which is now complete. :) If you happen to want to contribute player character voice acts it's much welcome, here you can find a guideline what sounds are needed. Another good thing is that a selection of the portraits pack created by Grumbel for adonthell was adopted (cropped and in some cases modified the shoulders to fit into the square form) as player character portrait choices.

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