Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Further care for the world map and new music

After fixing the recent Intel woes I've been working to make even easier to percept what's depicted on the World Map (raised by pressing F1). Now it consists of a lot more pixels in size, takes up a larger percentage of your screen and your position sign and the town signs are not fully covering the geography coloring, so you can have an idea what kind of area you and the towns are. Still there's a lot of room for improvement, but for this release this will suffice. I'm considering the last steps to shape up the next test release package, so hopefully it will happen soon! :)

Meanwhile Marcus Rasseli our new music contributor's mountain cave music has been integrated! Thanks Marcus!!


Charlie said...

I think the world map would look better if it used a different tileset. Think of old maps, the paper background, types of terrain marked with basic shapes. I doesn't have to look exactly like the landscape, the shapes could be a bit off, but instead depict the general areas on the map and show names of places, mountains etc.

Paul said...

In a generated environment it's hard for the shapes to be a bit off, but I could use a more paper like approach where terrain blocks return some kind of parperish tile graphics. I will see later if it works out.