Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Scorp'o'holder the beast forged in Chaos - by tidbit

A frightening new chaos monster has been born which is the mixture of spiky tentacles and a magical spheric body. The prototype idea of it's build-up slipped out on a foreboding afternoon from the head of tidbit: slimey, monstrous and all-mighty. and now spreading, gonna rule the halls of Chaos Maze later. Currently one of them was left homeless, wandering around in the jungle. One crazy painter who were brave enough depicted the poor one and sent the picture to us. Check it out! Meanwhile the Battle of Codes and Bugs rages on. Some fighters reported they could loot some chests in the depth of the mazes, but that still needs confirmation. ;)
UPDATE: Another dangerous habitant of the jungle was depicted and sent to us. We hope that the artist is still alive and not eaten by one of these Plant'o'Bites (another creature of tidbit).

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