Saturday, 7 May 2011


Uhm, the first PlanExecutor, for Exploration is a working code now in SVN. Units outside the home populations are moving around, collecting positioning information of other entities/economic units, and making war if in the mood. Basically this will generate all the other political happenings, relationsship changes, spring plans based on positioning and historical memories of those battles/peaceful happenings. So it's time to create the 'Planning brain' code to add more than exploratory tasks to the plan list of entities -- and their respective PlanExecutor implementations. Lot of work to do, so progress isn't gonna be the quickest thing, guarranteed. If those are ready, next stuff is to create an information exchange part and information listing for the player in game, now again including new UI parts. The player should be able to view the position of those pieces of information and plan target places. That would be a point of code readiness where I will consider a new release so you can dig your teeth in exploring entities and their history and plans, how this might look in the later releases.


Anonymous said...

Is this project still alive? I've been checking this site for nearly 4 years now.

Anonymous said...

Lets keep hoping!