Monday, 17 January 2011

Updated to ardor3d 0.8-snapshot

So to base out on developing the game again I've updated the 3d engine dependencies of jcrpg namely ardor3d (to 0.8-snapshot) + lwjgl (2.6.0). It was a long time ago when last time I did this, so I run into two issues one of which is already resolved (screenshots for save games were not taken). The other (far-away terrain rendering) will remain open for a while (unfortunately it's a big chunk of the visual appeal). For now we revert back to use the usual short distance terrain only. I'll try to catch up with ardor3d's steam powered progress in this and other areas (like atlas texture technique and animation), but right now i'd rather concentrate on dialog, trade and quest system as it was planned in some of the previous posts. In which regard I stand like a boarman in the dark, ain't I? ;) All the updated stuff are in SVN, so you can grab it and give it a go. Just use 'mvn install' in jCRPG-engine project, and use the respective sh/bat to run it.

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