Friday, 7 January 2011

Forum moving again... *sigh*

Well, as you might have noticed the jcrpg forum was down for a while. Unfortunately the server it was running on is dead and I decided to 'move' it to (So it's technically not the default hosted phpBB service provided by, but a fresh hand-installed to the web storage part of the project hosted by and the hosted mysql database.)

This means we second time lose the forum contents...bad news, but now I reckon that this is the final movement as will always be there to host it, just like the project. :) So the new URL is:

I'll try to at least fire up the old forum and move some parts manually or will try to find a tool etc. for it, but don't count on much more than moving bug reports and contribution threads in a quite blunt and simple way.

Well, also a big silence around the blog too, since long. Hopefully I'll get back into this business soon...fingers crossed. ;)

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