Saturday, 10 October 2009

Screenies, polishing, testing multiple platforms

Options menu is again in focus. A few related bugs resolved now. Meanwhile tidbit has added cool new animations for the new humanoids (yeti and anatipion [which is walking, scorpion like people of desert]), all those got into the SVN too. Anatipions even have their own building models (done also by tidbit). Thank you!

More testing is under way. Even Windows 7 64 bit test version got its round after Vista64. (You'll have to be careful with Windows 7, like installing latest nvidia driver for nvidia cards, otherwise it doesn't work. Also it's recommended to use 32 bit Java under Windows, seems like 64 bit doesnt want to work with the supplied 64 bit lwjgl dlls.) Well, with my new mobo + CPU and my good 'old' 8800GTS, I've tried to boost the limits of view in game, game works nicely with a view distance of 100 now. Check screenshots.


Brian said...

Definitely going to be interested in seeing how well the Win 7 64 version will perform as the months roll on as that'll be my new PC come year's end. Keep at all the good work and hopefully I can come to help out sooner than later!

Paul said...

Good to see you lurking around! :)
So far so good. If you'll have a good video card with good driver you won't have pryoblems. :) I can 'certify' nvidia's working fine with my 8800gts + win7 64bit. :)

Paul said...

btw, pls join the new forum of jcrpg at