Thursday, 4 December 2008

New Music on Jamendo

Okay, so here we go! I've committed the new soundtracks to the SVN plus made it available on, the CC licensed music share site. Here you can listen to all the three new tracks created by me for the game. I have used rosegarden + dssi-vst wrapper (vsthost) + vst plugin to create and play the music (recording was done with sound-recorder). Integrating the music into the game is mostly complete though with some known replay issues, that I still have to investigate a bit more. Anyway, you can fight and do the character leveling with music playing the latest SVN version. :) PS: Consider it a Santa Claus surprise ! Good or bad surprise? Share your opinion here or on jamendo. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great to see that the game is taking shape.

If it is any help, I will seed the game soundtrack on jamendo.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hm, is anyone seeding the ogg version? According to my bittorrent client the torrent has 0 seeds and it does not start downloading.

Anonymous said...

I got the soundtrack now! =D

I will do my best to keep seeding this to others.

Paul said...

Hey, there!

Thanks for the feedback! I hope you like the music.

Honestly I didn't know that it can be shared by bittorrent! :) Thanks for seeding there! I will check the site how this torrent thing goes there.

C you!

sharavsambuu gunchinish said...

wow!! awesome musics. I like it You're very talented. Good luck!

Paul said...

Thanks, Sharavsambuu! Glad you visited! :)